I Bombed an Assessment Test

October 31, 2022

I'm in talks with a recruiter about a job opening at a company and he wanted me to take a technical assessment test so he could get help get me a job that matches my skill level. I took the test and failed miserably. The test consisted of two questions. The first question is a React based question and I have no idea what the second one is because I got stuck on the first question.

The first part I got tripped up on is to create a single page application. I've never actually made one before since I've always used a React framework like NextJS or GatsbyJS. After doing some research, there isn't any difference when writing the code for the page, but it does function slightly differently compared to a MPA.

The second part is having to use a certain package. I think that's the correct term for it. It's widely used by others, but I've never used it before so I had to read the documentation which ate into my time which made me more anxious so it took several read throughs to understand it completely.

After failing the test, I took a break by playing video games, then I went back on my own to recreate the problem and I solved it in ten minutes. When I was trying to solve the problem for the test, I was so into my head that I thought I was doing it correctly and didn't take time to step back and rethink it since it would have been a waste of time. Taking a break would have helped since it would have broken my current train of thought. This will be something I'll take into future tests since wasting 10 minutes in order to solve a problem is better than continue in the same mindset and not solving the problem.