F.Art Magazine

October 3, 2022

F.Art is a fictional magazine in my head cannon for the NoPixel GTARP server. I know, this is another project I created related to NoPixel, but it's something I'm really in to and gives me the motivation to create things.

The idea came to me when I was playing around with Stable Diffusion, a program that uses AI to generate art. I had Twitch open in the background and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to create next with Stable Diffusion. The streamer mentioned fan art and then I started creating fan art of characters from the server.

The idea for one of the images I create with Stable Diffusion was a magazine cover for a character who is an influencer in the server. From there, the idea of creating a fictional magazine website to showcase all my Stable Diffusion art came rushing to me.

Also, I know having the name F.Art makes it look like "FART" and that is exactly why I chose that name. Fans of the NoPixel server knows that everything has a horrible acronym such as:

  • Los Santos Breaking News

  • a church named Salvation Lies Under The Stars

  • a police unit named Class-2 Under Mandate

F.Art stands for Fantastic ART. If you want to get more meta, Fantastic Artificially Rendered Tableau.