Bank Hack Game

May 5, 2022

Another minigame from the NoPixel GTA RP server. This one was a bit more difficult to figure out compared to the VAR hack. The trouble I had was figuring out how to generate the captcha. I started writing the code for everything else and once I finished the section for generating the distractors, it became so simple. For some reason I never though about throwing everything into an object and using the key/value to generate it. I guess it's because I had code in front of me to look at rather than it being stuck in my head.

This game is a lot more complicated that the VAR hack. Rather than explaining it myself, here are some instructions I found online:

bank hack tutorial 1
bank hack tutorial 2

This game was made specifically for desktop and will not display correctly on mobile.

Update: I've updated the site to use a headless CMS so click here to go to the game.